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Alberta Plants it's First Vertical Crop!

Ready to reap and hit dinner tables at the end of May 2021 within one month of planting!

Foundation Farms 2021 Corp. announced today that production of the first crop of leafy greens has begun in the company’s Red Deer area plant. Installation and commissioning of facilities was completed right on schedule and Phase 1 of crop production has been completed. Phases 2 and 3 will be completed over the next three weeks and harvest of the first crop is expected at the end of May. This is a reflection of the accelerated crop growth that takes place on each E-ROOTS vertical farm.

Ed Kroeker, CEO of Foundation Farms reported, “Our on-site team in Red Deer reflects the true farming spirit. Crop planting was underway the minute installation was completed. This entrepreneurial diligence reflects our corporate behaviour in every challenge we take on and we are now assembling a vast team of farm partners to launch the next phase of our growth.”

Yves R. Michel, GMEV CEO followed the on-site progress this past week and stated, “Watching this progress, it doesn’t take long to realize that Foundation Farms has caught the vision of a new and exciting era of rapid and sustainable food production. The realtime launch of the Central Alberta E-ROOTS CENTRE this week is like wind in the sails for the company.”

This photo, which was taken on May 2, 2021, captures the germination of arugula seeds after only 2 days! Red Deer has planted a mixed crop of butter lettuce, arugula, and romaine. Over 1600 heads of lettuce will be ready to reap at the end of May. Distribution and sales have already been secured, and the first crop will hit dinner tables very soon!

To find out more about investment opportunities, email us for details on how to start your own vertical farm.


The Foundation Farms Team

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