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Hyper local 

The way it should be


Each vertical farm is designed by experts in plant health science, system integration, LED lighting technology and indoor farming. This broad range of expertise and a total-systems approach has redefined the vertical farming concept with a focus on optimal plant health and greater yields.

Each initial warehouse vertical farm joint venture only requires 1500 square feet for a 450 tower vertical farm. Room for expansion is always on the horizon once distribution, sales, and technical aspects are established.

The warehouse hydroponic vertical farm is perfect for entrepreneurs that want to provide fresh, organic food for their communities in a turn key business system.

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Foundation Farms LED lights vertical farm

Purpose Built LED's

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Real Climate Control


Energy Efficient

Customizable, slim profile, 2-sided LEDs are built from decades of research and testing. A lower BTU, or heat signature, means less wasted energy to disperse. Field tests resulting in superior plant flavour and increased plant density mean knowledge and performance beyond PAR.

A truly controlled environment results in consistently uniform and productive crop yields. The staged climate control system reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. Air-homogenization delivers the perfect environment at every moment.

A hydroponic, closed-loop system uses 95% less water than a typical outdoor farm with similar yields. Energy efficient and adjustable components use less than 30% of the energy of a large soil-based farm with similar yields. Less than 5% crop loss means consistent yields for customers.


Compared to soil growing plants... 

Are 30% more productive


Grow 3 x faster


Use 95% less water


Yield consistently uniform and productive crops


Consume 50% less energy through staged climate control


Have less than 5% crop loss


Occupy less than 5% of the land required to grow the same amount of produce


Sustainable Farming

Plants hanging in columns are showered with optimal nutrient solution that encourages rapid, healthy growth. In just a few weeks of planting, crops are ready to harvest.

Farms can be set up to grow more than one crop at a time to maximize the variety of leafy greens.





Local Food Security

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